Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Music: Music Mosaic for the Ceremony, and Vintage Bowlly, Piaf, Fréhel with Some Modern Tiersen for Dinner - Très Bon!

I have always loved classical music, and have had a particular and deep affection for all things strings! Having a trio of classically-trained instrumentalists, say the pianist, violinist and cellist who comprise the ensemble Music Mosaic, perform at our ceremony would make that most important hour of our wedding day beyond fabulous! Although we have yet to determine our full musical program for the ceremony, it goes without saying (!) that I will be walking down the aisle to a very personal and beloved favourite - "The Flower Duet" from Delibes' Lakmé.

In keeping with the classical/romantic/vintage, and, in terms of music, French (!), theme of the wedding, the "soundtrack" for our dinner will be comprised of a compilation of what I think is some of the most romantic music ever produced! I absolutely love Al Bowlly and Fréhel, and one can't go wrong throwing in a little Édith Piaf for a bit of a kick! And although composer Yann Tiersen is a modern master, I simply must include some of my favourites from Amélie. Beautiful, light, romantic, and warm music to compliment fabulous food and drink with family and friends - c'est magnifique!


  1. don't forget the factor in the sound of my wild bohemians though ;-)

  2. I'm counting on a little wild bohemian edge to keep things punchy!